Carry On Euston

Gary Rodger takes us on a journey to Thames in 1984 as the management put out an emergency service when…

The players

Introducing the companies that made up Thames

The shotgun marriage

Lord Hill's diagnosis creates a new company

Taking shape

Build a better ITV company

Lights, camera, inaction

With all the ups and downs of the protracted negotiations between ABC and Rediffusion, it must at times have felt…

Everybody out!

Off with the show

This is Thames

A 1979 promotional leaflet gives us a glimpse inside Thames Television's plans for the 1980s

Tuesday 30 July 1968

Day One for Thames in 1968

New London look!

The TVTimes reveals what the changes will be with the launch of Thames and LWT

Where they once were: Daphne Shadwell

The life and times of Thames all-rounder Daphne Shadwell, revealed in 1969

Alys Carter and Teddington’s Programme Archives

About the Information Centre at Teddington, the memory file of Thames, in 1969

Where they once were: Brian Tesler

The early life of Brian Tesler, director of programmes at Thames, from September 1969

Close up: Pauline Fay James

Meet information assistant Pauline Fay James in December 1969

Forecast for colour

Colour is coming, and the February 1969 staff magazine asks four department heads what they're doing to get ready

Euston – a bird's eye view

The new Thames Television studios are about to start rising on the Euston Road in February 1969

So You Want to Work in Television...

Thames provides a quick guide to what they can do for trainees wanting to enter television in 1977

Far from routine

A random day at Thames in 1970... planned to the very second

ABC promo for Tommy Cooper from Thames next Tuesday

A promo for a Thames show from ABC's last Saturday

Perpetuum Mobile and Salute to Thames

Philip Elsmore wakes Thames for the day in 1968 to the strains of Perpetuum Mobile by Michael Roberts and Salute…

Thames - Adverts & Continuity - 1980

In-vision intro into Benny Hill

Curse of the Mummy

The Thames staff newsletter goes behind the scenes of an episode of 'Mystery and Imagination' in September 1969

Making children's programmes

The IBA's Television and Radio 1977 goes inside the Thames Television Children's Department

Designing for television

The IBA's Television and Radio 1977 looks in-depth at how Thames designs for television

"Somewhere, Someone - This Is Your Life"

The Thames magazine 'Talk of Thames' goes behind the scenes of the relaunched series in 1969