With dedicated zeal, the Editor is still relentlessly continuing her search for THAMES most eligible and photogenic young men. This month’s discovery is eighteen-year-old Peter Errington, who can be found adorning one of the studios at Teddington any day of the week. He joined the Company last September after spending three months engaged on Market Research into Family Planning.

Photographed by Gerald Sunderland

Peter was educated as a boarder at St. George’s College, Weybridge. “It was the sort of place you can’t stand when you’re actually there but which is nice to look back on – mainly because one was never bored.”

Even now he has little time to be bored with a wide range of interests that include skiing, rowing, hiking, plays, films and studying psychology.

Peter has just returned to live with his parents in Teddington after paying “a palace rent for doss house facilities” but is looking for another more reasonable flat. He is also saving for a car – “Nothing very grand. Just an old banger I can muck about with until I learn something about mechanics.”

Despite the fact that he gives a credible imitation of a professional male model in this photograph, Peter says that, although he takes an interest in his clothes and general appearance, he is not particularly narcissistic. “In fact I can go a whole twenty minutes without having to dash to the nearest mirror and gloat.”

During the course of the interview, the conversation led to the delicate topic of women. For all female readers waiting with bated breath to discover if they are Peter’s ideal type, he likes them “old, sophisticated and mature”. “Old” covers anything over twenty-five but all senile, aged thirty-year-olds need not despair. A forthcoming issue will no doubt have this space occupied by an “old, sophisticated, mature” male!

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June Roberts was the editor of the Thames Television house newspaper, Talk of THAMES

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