“Black is beautiful”, was the cry. Proving the point is 23-year old Pauline Fay James, Information Assistant at Television House.

Photographed by Gerald Sunderland

Pauline who lives in West Norwood, has had a fairly chequered career in Television. She began by typing scripts, spent a few days in Presentation, transferred to Accounts, then Sales Records, then Research followed by a short spell of audio typing and finally settled in Reg Courtney Brown’s Information Section.

Her hobbies are mainly centred on ‘Pub-crawling and Jazz’ but Pauline is also keen to start an evening course in Sociology and is interested in the Open University Scheme. “I’m a terrific hoarder, too, and have a mania for collecting things like coins, stones, shells and postcards.”

She plans to spend Christmas in New York this year so that she can visit her mother and brother. The idea of living there permanently however, does not appeal. During her stay Pauline wants to visit the ghettos of New York and Chicago to judge for herself what conditions there are really like. Pauline has been saving for this trip since July. The return fare is £75. After paying a deposit of £30 she put away £4 a week to make up the difference and cover spending money.

Pauline finds Television an interesting and exciting medium to work in but rather boring to watch. The only exception to this rule is THAMES ‘It Takes A Thief’ series, starring Robert Wagner. When that’s on she drinks at home instead!

At one time Pauline gained some modelling experience. On an amateur basis she used to model at Ealing Technical College. She loves modem clothes and after carefully budgeting expenditure on cigarettes, social activities and jazz records has managed to build up a fairly extensive and suitably ‘with it’ wardrobe.

About the author

June Roberts was the editor of the Thames Television house newspaper, Talk of THAMES

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