Thames is the biggest contributor to national network schedules and produces close to 1,000 hours of programmes each year, from light entertainment to adult education, from drama to children’s programmes.

Left: Michael Aspel, Una Stubbs and Lionel Blair feature in the highly successful Light Entertainment series ‘Give us a Clue’. Centre: Always welcome in millions of homes… that superb entertainer, Max Bygraves. Right: Anton Rogers and Elizabeth Garvie, just two of the stars in the drama series ‘Something in Disguise’.
Left: The ever-popular host of an ever-popular show Eamonn Andrews and ‘This Is Your Life’. Right: Thames’ subsidiary Euston Films tempted Hayley Mills onto television for the first time in ‘The Flame Trees of Thika’.
Top left: Keith Jayne plays the lead in the Childrens Department’s drama serial ‘Stig of the Dump’. Top right: Eric and Ernie, two of the many stars from the Light Entertainment Department guaranteed to raise a smile. Centre: A tender scene from the Drama Department’s series ‘The Agatha Christie Hour’. Bottom: Desmond Morris’s The Human Race’ proves that adult education programmes can be stylish and thought provoking.

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'A Closer View' was published by Thames in late 1982 and sent to advertisers and interested viewers

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