Every weekday in the London area, Thames Television’s distinctive skyline symbol tells viewers that Independent Television is on the air.

But Thames is more than a transmitter of ITV programmes to London. The Company is also one of the world’s biggest independent programme producers, with a host of international awards to its credit.

This means that a large proportion ofThames programmes are seen not only in London, but across the nation on the ITV network, and in more than a hundred countries around the world.

Cover design: Detail from Thames Television’s on-air symbol showing the red, green and blue dots which are the constituents of every colour television picture. The camera generates a separate signal for each colour, and on transmission the domestic television receiver resolves them into the integrated colour picture.

As television technology develops, Thames maintains its position with continuing advances not just in programme making, but in TV engineering, studio design, electronic news gathering (ENG), advertising, publishing, home video and other fast-growing allied fields.

Thames Television is a community of over two thousand people who work together to bring a wide range of talents to the wide range of activities, needed in a busy television programme-making company.

This section is about their work: as local broadcasters, as international programme makers, and as major contributors to the national cultural institution known as Independent Television, ITV.

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'A Closer View' was published by Thames in late 1982 and sent to advertisers and interested viewers

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