We have an item of interest for all-seductive-looking, well-proportioned personality-plus girls, whose true potential has been lying dormant and unrecognised behind the clutter of filing cabinets and other office paraphernalia for many an ego-frustrating year. At last a chance to make your myopic boss sit up and really appreciate the beauty of his surroundings.

The Entertainments Committee are organising a ‘MISS THAMES 1970’ Competition to find a woman with sufficient poise, personality and figure to satisfy a panel of judges. Contestants must be employees of THAMES and can be nominated by any other member of staff. With a First prize of £50, a Second prize of £25 and a Third prize of £10, the competition is well worth entering.

Contestants will be asked to appear before the Judges in cocktail dresses.

There will be an eliminating round at a dance to be held at Teddington on Saturday, 6 December with music provided by the New Era Jazz Band.

Finalists go forward to the crowning ceremony, which will be held during THAMES Staff Party at the Lyceum on 9 January. The Evening Press will cover this event.

Nomination forms are available from Peter Goodwin at Teddington and Hazel Warburton at Television House.

About the author

June Roberts was the editor of the Thames Television house newspaper, Talk of THAMES

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