London: Thames Television House, 306-316 Euston Road, LONDON NW1 3BB Tel: 01-387 9494
149 Tottenham Court Road, LONDON W1P 9LL Tel: 01-388 5199
Teddington: Teddington Lock, TEDDINGTON, Middlesex, TW11 9NT Tel: 01-977 3252
Regional Sales: Norfolk House, Smallbrook Queensway, BIRMINGHAM B5 4LJ Tel: 021-643 9151
Mobile Division: Twickenham Road, HANWORTH, Middlesex Tel: 01-898 0011

Directors. H. S. L. Dundas, CBE, DSO, DFC, DL (Chairman); Sir John Read (Deputy Chairman); Bryan Cowgill (Managing Director); Mrs Mary Baker; The Lord Brabourne; Sir Richard Cave; The Rt. Hon. the Viscount Colville of Culross, QC; John T. Davey; Richard Dunn (Director of Production); Tony Logie (Director of Sales & Marketing); Ian Scott (Director of Finance); J. A. Sibley; Muir Sutherland (Director of Programmes); Colin S. Wills.

Executives. Ben E. Marr (Company Secretary & Director of Personnel), Fred Atkinson (Production Director Euston/Hanworth); Donald Cullimore (Public Relations Director); Philip Jones, OBE (Director of Light Entertainment): Tony Kenber (Programme Business Director); Eric Parry (Production Director, Teddington); Barrie Sales (Director of News & Current Affairs and Deputy to the Director of Programmes); Roy Addison (Chief Press & Public Relations Officer); Ronald Allison (Controller of Sports & Outside Broadcasts); James Corsan (Controller, Programme Administration); Derek Baker (Assistant Company Secretary); Paul Cheffins, MBE (Controller, Sales Administration); Mike Coxill (Technical Controller); Patrick Downing (Controller, Visual Services); Catherine Freeman (Controller, Documentaries & Features); James Gilbert (Head of Comedy Programmes); William Goddard (Head of Presentation); Johnny Goodman (Executive Director of Production, Euston Films); Mike Harvey (Controller of Publicity); Ian Howard (Controller of Contracts); Derek Hunt (Deputy Director of Finance); Peter Kew (Head of Central Planning); Max Lawson (Assistant Director of Finance); Bob Louis (Assistant Controller of Light Entertainment); Geoffrey Lugg (Head of Programme Liaison); Pat Mahoney (Head of Purchased Programmes); Ian Martin (Controller, Educational Programmes); Jim McDonald (Controller, Technical Operations, Teddington); Marjorie Sigley (Controller of Children’s Programmes); Ewart Needham (Head of Film); Vic O’Brien (Technical Controller, Euston); A. C. Parkinson (Controller, Administration); Tim Riordan (Controller, Programme Planning & Presentation); Lloyd Shirley (Controller, Programme Drama Division); Brian G. Scott (Chief Engineer); Ken Smallwood (Head of Staff Relations); Barry Spencer (Controller, Sales); Douglas Thornes (Controller, Sales Research & Development); Brian Walcroft (Assistant Controller, Drama); Mark Stephens (Industrial Relations Adviser).

Programmes. Thames Television’s area covers about 10½ million people in and around London from Monday morning to 5.15 p.m. on Friday. The company makes a vast range of programmes to entertain, amuse and educate ITV viewers of all classes and tastes, but Thames’ fame extends throughout the world. Thames Television International received the 1984 Queen’s Award for Export Achievement, and the company has sold its product to 127 of the 134 countries that have television transmitters.

In the 16 years since Thames took up its contract, its programmes have won over 170 national and international awards, including the Prix Italia five times, six American Emmys, and for each of the last two years, the Montreux Comedy Prize. Technological advances in cable TV, satellites and video mean that there are growing new markets for Thames’ programmes and the company continues to develop its interests and potential in such areas. Most of Thames’ programmes are made in the riverside studios at Teddington, while others come from the company’s headquarters at Euston. The outside broadcast units, from their base at Hanworth, near Teddington, cover many major events. Working from its own independent base is Euston Films which produces major film dramas and drama series, on location. Just outside Manchester is Cosgrove Hall Productions, Thames’ animation subsidiary for such series as Danger Mouse and The Wind in the Willows.

Danger Mouse. Popular at home and abroad.

So all Thames’ international success is achieved with programmes made here in Britain – specifically with the aim of pleasing ITV viewers. DRAMA: The Bill; Mr Palfrey of Westminster; Minder; Rumpole of the Bailey; Widows. CHILDREN’S: Dramarama; Mr Stabs; Dodger, Bonzo & The Rest; CBTV; Free time; Flicks; Letters in Wonderland; Words, Words, Words; The Wall Game; Illusions; Rainbow; Sooty; Rod, Jane and Freddy; Button Moon; Chorlton and the Wheelies; Pied Piper of Hamelin. LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: Give Us A Clue; Jim Davidson; This Is Your Life; The Benny Hill Show; Name That Tune; The Des 0‘Connor Show; Looks Familiar; The TVTimes Top Ten Awards; Never The Twain; Keep It In The Family; Mike Yarwood; Whose Baby; Carry On Laughing; It Takes A Worried Man; Password; Jeopardy; Bruce Forsyth; Chance In A Million; Tripper’s Day; The Lonelyhearts Kid; Mann’s Best Friend; What’s My Line?; Moving; The Kit Curran Radio Show; Fresh Fields; ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ – a tribute to Eric Morecambe. CURRENT AFFAIRS: TV Eye; Thames News;: Reporting London; Safe From The Sea; Talking Personally. DOCUMENTARIES AND FEATURES: A Shred of Evidence; Bomber Pilot; Good Companions; The British Connection; Crime Inc.; Thank You Jesus; The Sitting Lifer; Lifers; Human Rights; Summerstown; Whatever Happened to Bill Brunskill?; Citizen 2000; Treasure Trove. SPORTS AND OUTSIDE BROADCASTS: Ice Skating; Golf Motor Racing; Speedway; Ice Hockey;: Midweek & Bank Holiday Sport Special; Thames Sport; Football; Racing; Snooker; Darts; Show Jumping; Swimming; Boxing. SPECIALS: Perry; A Golden Hour; Fatima Whitbread; Miss UK; British Beauty Championships; Royal Film Premieres; Torvill and Dean: The Path to Perfection; Torvill and Dean Ice Gala; Wish You Were Here…?; Miss World; Stunt Challenge. EDUCATION: For What It’s Worth; Help!; Database; All In The Mind; Under Fives; Composers on Composing; The Setbacks; The English House; Jobs Limited; Divorce. RELIGION My Brother’s Keeper; Night Thoughts.

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