While ITV celebrates 21 years, Thames celebrates 8

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Advert in ‘Broadcast’ magazine’s ITV21 celebration magazine, 22 September 1976

For us it’s a wedding anniversary.
Here are some pictures of the kids.

For some ITV companies this is a 21st birthday. For us it’s the eighth year of the partnership between Rediffusion Television and ABC TV (two great pioneers who would have been twenty-one today) that created Thames Television.

In our short career, our programme makers have won the Prix Italia, the Prix Jeunesse, two Emmys and dozens of other national and international awards. We’ve produced more of Britain’s favourite programmes than any other company, including the BBC. We’ve exported programmes to no fewer than 93 countries. And we’ve given birth to some of the outstanding ITV programmes of the last decade.

Who says marriages aren’t made in heaven?

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