The launch of the new Thames OB van

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The high point of the year was the launching of Unit 6, the new outside broadcast vehicle designed and equipped by the Engineering Department. It measures only 26 x 7¾ x 10¾ft, yet contains enough equipment to meet a wide range of location needs: two hand-held cameras, a videotape machine, a 12-channel vision mixer with special effects, and a sound-mixing console capable of handling up to fourteen channels. The uniquely designed interior layout resembles that of a passenger coach, with a central gangway flanked by seats and control desks, and overhead racks containing other equipment. The vehicle is fully air-conditioned, and mains power is provided by an air-cooled petrol alternator. The cameras are stored inside the vehicle and can be removed easily without uncabling. They can be mounted anywhere on the roof or on the front or rear of the vehicle on the special platforms it also carries.

  1. Director
  2. Vision mixer
  3. Vision control
  4. Sound Control
  5. Production assistant
  6. Crew chief
  7. Lightweight IVC 7000P camera
  8. Videotape machine
  9. Multi-channel communications system
  10. Radio telephone system
  11. Air conditioning system
  12. Rack-mounted electronics
  13. 15-KVA generator at rear
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