The hunt is on for Thames Television’s prettiest female member of staff in 1969

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We have an item of interest for all-seductive-looking, well-proportioned personality-plus girls, whose true potential has been lying dormant and unrecognised behind the clutter of filing cabinets and other office paraphernalia for many an ego-frustrating year. At last a chance to make your myopic boss sit up and really appreciate the beauty of his surroundings.

The Entertainments Committee are organising a ‘MISS THAMES 1970’ Competition to find a woman with sufficient poise, personality and figure to satisfy a panel of judges. Contestants must be employees of THAMES and can be nominated by any other member of staff. With a First prize of £50, a Second prize of £25 and a Third prize of £10, the competition is well worth entering.

Contestants will be asked to appear before the Judges in cocktail dresses.

There will be an eliminating round at a dance to be held at Teddington on Saturday, 6 December with music provided by the New Era Jazz Band.

Finalists go forward to the crowning ceremony, which will be held during THAMES Staff Party at the Lyceum on 9 January. The Evening Press will cover this event.

Nomination forms are available from Peter Goodwin at Teddington and Hazel Warburton at Television House.

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